Movember Nail Art Tutorial

November is here and that means we can’t get enough moustaches! Luckily, us girls don’t have to worry about shaving our faces! But we can participate in Movember by doing our nails! This tutorial will show you a cute way to decorate your nails with moustaches. By connecting your two ring fingers, you can even make a little moustache man! Go ahead, try it for yourself!

What you’ll need

A light nude color, such as Au Revoir

Red Duo Pen for the red bow tie

Black Duo Pen for crisp clean detailing.

First polish your nails in Au Revoir and let them dry.

Now to get started on the details, take the black duo pen and on your left ring finger, draw two diagonal lines moving away from each other to draw the tux. Then, using the pen side of the duo pen, draw three tiny dots as the buttons.

Next up take your red duo pen and draw the bow tie. Three dots will do the trick, and don’t forget to push them out on the sides to create a triangular bow shape.

Now that your tux is finished, it’s time to complete the moustache man! Go over to the ring finger on your other hand and now you’re going to draw the top hat and moustache. This is going to be a little tricky because you’re going to need to draw upside down, but don’t give up because its just a simple line and square to make the hat. It’s easy I promise. Draw the moustache underneath the hat, and now when you join your two ring fingers, your moustache man comes to life!

Almost done, now just decorate your remaining fingers with moustaches. For extra fun, draw one side of the moustache on your pointer, and the other side on your other pointer. Now you can put your fingers over your lips and look cool pretending to have a stache!

And now a step by step guide …


Try it for yourself!


Admin November 6, 2013 Tutorials